Monday, October 17, 2016



I love participating in exchanges!  Smallish groups of fiber artists (6-9 people) agree on a concept and time frame, and we’re off!  Usually, we’ve worked in a small size (around 12”-16 square) and allow around 2 months for each piece.  We each start off with our own interpretation of the concept (texture, shape, response to an art piece, or any other prompt we agree to pursue), then hand it off to the next member of the group.  Then, we all respond to the piece we receive, creating a second piece.  Those two pieces are sent off, meaning we each receive a set of 2 pieces to which respond.  It reminds me of a shotgun golf tournament – but way more fun!

Local charity shop discards

Finished geometric exchange
Detail geometric exchange

Detail Gates exchange

Swirling Exchange

Collection of Gates exchange pieces

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